About me

Bonjour !

As a word enthusiast, traveller and dancer (which I have practised since childhood), I provide you with my expertise in translating your documents and highlighting your ideas, products and projects.
I have been living in Brest for almost two years, but how did I get here?
Originally from Brittany, I have never been able to stay put (geographically speaking), and for good reason… travels, the very first of which dates back to twenty years ago (I had just started learning English), have shaped my personality. After graduating from high school in 2006, I spent the next five years studying languages in Paris and New York.
The year 2013 proved to be a milestone… I ended five years of student life in Paris and set off to discover the world, starting with Belfast, Northern Ireland, where I lived and worked for almost a year. Various rewarding professional experiences followed, both in France and in Portugal, and eventually in Canada, where I lived and worked for two years running. My proficiency in English and Spanish (and certainly in French) has thus grown significantly.
Back in my beloved native Brittany since 2018, and after retaking my studies with a Master’s degree in translation and technical writing in Brest, I am proud to jump into the entrepreneurial adventure by creating my own translation company in spring 2021.

My background

Master’s degree in translation/technical writing


Volunteer translator for Per Mondo

Since 2018


Volunteer translator for Paulette Magazine


Private English teacher

2012-2013 2018-2019