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Whether you are a professional or a private individual, you will get well-written materials with high-quality translations. I pay great attention to each project (terminology, consistency, style, wordplay, etc.) and each translation is proofread before delivery.



To ensure quality, I always translate from English and Spanish into my mother tongue, French. After having translated some content for the women’s press, NGOs and a European educational project, I strive to combine accuracy and creativity for all your projects!



En présence d’une œuvre audiovisuelle (film, série, documentaire, etc.) ou d’une intervention (dans un JT, par exemple) en langue étrangère, les talents d’un adaptateur sont requis afin d’en assurer le sous-titrage. Différentes étapes sont alors respectées.
La traduction audiovisuelle est bien plus qu’une simple traduction d’une langue à une autre. Je tiens effectivement compte de toute une série de paramètres sociologiques (culture des pays, humour différent, expressions, proverbes, etc.) et techniques (longueur de la réplique, sonorité, etc.) afin de vous proposer une adaptation naturelle et proche de l’originale.



Do you have any doubts about a translation or a text written in French? A professional’s keen eye is sometimes necessary and reassuring to confirm the final quality of a document. I am detail-oriented and will proofread and edit all your documents with the utmost care. Proofreading consists in making sure that no mistakes are made in terms of spelling, grammar or typography. This is usually the last step before publication or printing.


Often involved in marketing and communication, I also offer my services in transcreation (combination of translation and creation). A true creative writing process, this technique allows me to go beyond the mere literal translation of a tagline or a brand. Cultural adaptation is key: message, photos, videos, intentions, emotions…


Localization, what’s that? This is a more complex process often linked to the translation or adaptation of websites, multimedia products, software, etc. My purpose here is to adapt your interfaces to users from another country which might involve a different culture. Localisation is a crucial step for a company wishing to go international. To provide the best possible service, I fully understand the specificities of the target geographical area (traditions, customs, language, subtleties). A strong understanding of the source and target cultures is essential to succeed in localization.



Revision consists in relying more on the meaning of the words compared to the original text. I make sure to correct any mistakes related to the meaning so the translation looks accurate.